Steven Peruch



Steven has been working on/with computers since 1988 when the first Personal Computers came on the market starting with the 4.77MHZ and now Servers and 8 core personal computers. Steven is now creating Websites using WordPress. So whether you are looking to get your Business or Personal Website online he can do it for you with reasonable prices. Get online and put your Business or Personal site in front of the customers that need your service. 

Web Designer 94%
Server Administration 89%
Computer Repair 97%
Network Setup 96%

What I Can Do

Website Developement

Website builds and follow up with updates and changes as required by the customer. Maintenance on a monthly basis is also available and many times encouraged. Informational, Online Learning and Online stores and others are available.

Network Developement

Network layout is very important and makes communication within the workplace much easier and more efficient. Whether it’s a Local Area Network (LAN) or a Wide Area Network (WAN) data transportation is what makes Customers Happy.

Server Administration

Server administration such as DHCP and IP environments along with user password resets, printer pools, VPN, Storage Pools and Virtual Machine builds.

Computer Repair

Computers are at the Heart of 99% of all companies in 2020. Computers take the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that HAVE to be done and does them Quicker and more Accurately than in the past. With software built for specific business the bookkeeping job is much simpler. Many times these programs have minimum system requirements to run and that’s what I can help with.